Monday, May 12, 2008


lacs of cells are decaying .and fell from our body everyday. Equal amout of cells are generated freshly .Ayogi stops both the actions. A yogi do not require any thing in the universe. HE IS GETTING THE REQUIRED ENERGY FROM THE COSMIC POWER.If the union is effected 1)through the reptition of any mantra ( om,soham,any other gods name ,siva ohm) it is MANTRA YOGA
2)yoga,postures,breath control,pranayams, it is HATHA YOGA
3)control,concentration of mind it is RAJA YOGA
4)if through the discrimination between spirit and matter,between self,and not self ,it is JANAYOGA
5) If the union is effected( self to cosmic energy, vise versa) due to the development of finer emotions it iis BHAKTI YOGA
6)if it is through the disinterested performance of actions (i am a free bird . ihave no duties to perform or obligations to fulfill. like an actor on the stage , i perform whatever actions are required . I am not the doer actions will not affect me ) it is KARMA YOGA
7) If the union is effected due to the concentration on the light reflected it is SIVA YOGA

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